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Application for membership

As a member of Histon & Impington CLT you:

  • Have a say in the directing of the Trust through voting at the Annual General Meeting on the Report of the Board
  • Elect members to the Board
  • Act as guardians of the objects of the Trust and promote its interests
  • Receive regular news and events information
  • Have volunteering opportunities to participate in a range and variety of community projects

HICLT are hoping that its membership will be widely drawn thereby reflecting the diversity of our community.

Application for membership

Please complete the form below.

To become a member of the Histon & Impington Community Land Trust you must live within the village
If you have relevant interests or skills, please provide details
Our Aims

We build an affordable home

  • It stays an affordable home forever
  • It is secured for local people forever
  • It is owned by the community forever
  • Repeat as needed

If the community wants other facilities or amenities, develop, manage and retain those in perpetuity too.

Our Objectives (objects of the board)

Histon & Impington CLT’s objectives are to carry out the following for the benefit of the community:

  • Provide affordable housing and assistance to help house those in need
  • Provide workspace buildings and / or land for employment opportunities
  • Promote community citizenship or development
  • Promote the community-based resources and / or facilities
  • Promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical environment
  • Promote the advancement of health
Our Membership Policy

Application for membership is open to any individual who

  • Is over the age of 18
  • Lives or works in Histon & Impington
  • Supports the objects of the Trust and agrees to be bound by its rules

Get in touch

You can contact us via the form.

We will try to reply as soon as possible, but please remember that we are a small volunteer group.