Our Aims, simply put…

We build an affordable home

  • It stays an affordable home
  • Repeat as needed

If the community wants other facilities or amenities, develop, manage and retain those in perpetuity too.

HICLT wants to:
  • support our community to develop affordable housing and other community assets which will help sustain our community now and into the future
  • exercise local control over the design, allocation and management of new affordable housing
  • be a locally controlled entity that is able to react to opportunities that emerge when key assets are subject to disposal
  • help local people afford to live in local homes through aa fair and reasonable rent or low cost shared ownership
  • provide young people and and key workers with a way to stay, to support our community
  • raise funds to buy and manage properties in Histon and Impington
  • work in partnership with local individuals and local organisations to increase the numbers of homes and community facilities available 
  • Reinvest any surpluses in projects the community wants by:
    • building a strong balance sheet that is held for the community’s interest and ensure that surpluses from these assets are invested locally. It would promote the economic resilience of the community’s voluntary, non commercial, capacity.
    • using that balance sheet to leverage investment in the local community and not have it used for investment elsewhere – in short, a desire to create the community’s “patient friend”.